Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (June 9)

Swing plane

A common ball flight for better players are blocks, or big hooks, along with shallow or behind divots that impact on the heel of the face. Most likely you hit your driver pretty successfully, but irons are an issue. The swing shape here is a too shallow (sometimes called inside-to-out) downswing. To help you fix this you need to set up a station like the one in the photo. Take note of where the front rod is: It is outside the target line. What you want to do is swing the club along the back rod with the club pointing to the left at the top of your backswing. On the downswing you want the club to come outside the back rod and then inside the front rod. You may feel like you are swinging left. Take a look at PGA Tour players and you will see many of them making outside in rehearsal swings as many of them tend to be too inside-out in the downswing.

BRAD REDDING is owner and director of instruction of Brad Redding Golf at International Club of Myrtle Beach and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. He can be reached at 655-4720 or