Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (June 2)

Swing plane

Working on your swing shape is all based on what your ball tends to do, what your divots are like and where your misses are on the face. If you tend to slice, divots are either fat or you hit topped shots, where your misses are on the toe and you have a very steep (sometimes called over-the-top) down swing. Most likely you hit your short irons fairly well and long clubs are a problem. You need to understand that most of the time it is based on our backswing. Set up a station with alignment rods like in the photograph. Make some swings and, if your club goes inside the back rod in the backswing, above it on the downswing and then inside the front rod in the through swing, then you need to reverse this type of motion. In the backswing the club needs to swing back above the back rod, underneath it on the downswing and then outside the front stick.

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