Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (May 26)

Ball position

I teach ball position a little differently. It is all about the golf club and where the club face is positioned relative to the shaft. If I drew a line up the club shaft at address it would bisect my left “lead” eye. Now iron heads are progressed behind the shaft, and driver and fairway metals progress in front of the shaft. So the ball position would be different for each as the wedge progresses the most behind the shaft and the driver progresses the most ahead of the shaft. You will see that the difference between drive to wedge is only three ball widths. The wedge will look farther back as the stance is narrower than shoulder width and the driver is wider than shoulder width with the mid-irons shoulder width.

BRAD REDDING is owner and director of instruction of Brad Redding Golf at International Club of Myrtle Beach and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. He can be reached at 655-4720 or