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CCU football coach Joe Moglia to host national TV show. Here’s when you can catch him

Coastal Carolina football coach Joe Moglia looks on from the stands at Brooks Stadium in Conway during a spring practice in February.
Coastal Carolina football coach Joe Moglia looks on from the stands at Brooks Stadium in Conway during a spring practice in February. For The Sun News

Joe Moglia will be fielding questions about college football on Monday at the Sun Belt Conference Football Media Day in New Orleans.

First, you can wake up to Coastal Carolina’s head football coach talking business as a guest host on the CNBC morning show Squawk Box from 7-9 a.m. Thursday.

In addition to coaching at CCU for the past six-plus years, Moglia is the chairman of the board and former chief executive officer of TD Ameritrade, a leading discount brokerage firm.

“I’m excited because I haven’t been on in a couple years, so I have to make sure I’m prepared, which I will be,” Moglia said. “Besides being proud that I represent TD Ameritrade, I also represent Coastal Carolina, and there are not going to be that many football coaches in the history of football that could be doing something like this.

“So I’d like to think our community, Horry County, our alumni, our faculty, my team, my staff, the administration are all proud of that.”

He said he was asked a couple months ago if he would appear on the show and thought the timing would work out.

Moglia has been on CNBC multiple times over his tenure at Coastal Carolina, for up to three hours in one appearance.

But he hasn’t been on in nearly a couple years, he said, dating back to October 2016, when Moglia helped secure TD Ameritrade’s purchase of rival Scottrade in a deal worth $4 billion that was the company’s largest acquisition ever.

Moglia served as TD Ameritrade’s CEO from 2001-08, and has been the company’s chairman since 2008, when he decided to return to coaching after more than two decades in the corporate world.

“My 100 percent duty is responsibility for Coastal Carolina, but when I do have some time I certainly pay attention to my responsibilities and my duties at Ameritrade,” Moglia said.

Squawk Box has three regular hosts in Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Moglia said Kernen will be on assignment in Washington, D.C., and Moglia will be joining Quick and Sorkin as the third host. He expects to have duties of both a host and guest, asking questions of other guests and fielding questions from the other two hosts on topics that might include President Donald Trump’s actions, tariffs and trade wars, the stock market and cryptocurrencies.

“There will be times when they automatically come to me for stuff, I don’t know what that’s going to be yet,” Moglia said. “There are a lot of things going on in the world.”