On your mark: The Sun News sports taking coverage to new heights

Take a look around, you may notice the scenery has changed.

Welcome to the sports section and the bold new world of The Sun News and our 2020 project. Before we delve into the physical and philosophical changes, let’s get one basic concept out of the way:

This daily paper is for you, the reader. Without our dedicated readers and advertisers, this paper would not exist. Every change, update, alteration, renovation of The Sun News is done with that in mind.

So sit back, get comfortable, and let’s take a ride through your new print and online sports sections, and what to expect.

What’s the deal?

In essence, our redesign is simple: Ease of access, and expanded, in-depth content will rule the day. Our coverage and products are ever-evolving with the news industry, and our new design is meant to reflect that.

In print, expect to see more analysis, editorial and engaging content to bring you up to speed. Follow along with our web platform and social media for all the up-to-the minute, live updates and late-breaking news. Our changes are to make all of our products work in harmony as a news-delivery system, rather than be exact duplicates.

What does all this mean?

Our earlier print deadlines will mean more results, more photos and more video – faster online. Our sports journalists and photographers will stay at events later, conduct more interviews, develop more complete photo galleries and stories. That expanded coverage will result in more opportunities for look-ahead stories and post-game analysis in print to take readers beyond just scores, runs, touchdowns, 3-pointers – you get the idea.

What we have

Some of the most dedicated sports staff in South Carolina. If you’re unfamiliar, let’s take a tour through some of our key contributors.

▪ Alan Blondin, having covered golf on the Grand Strand for 22 years, is unrivaled when it comes to insider golf knowledge and coverage. Keep an eye out for Al’s weekly golf column, and regular updates on all the Grand Strand’s golf happenings.

Also, check out Al’s blog “Green Reading” for regular updates.

▪ Looking for your fix on Coastal Carolina sports? Ryan Young’s got you covered. For the last five years, our intrepid reporter has made it to North Dakota, Montana, all around the Big South and most places in between to give you the full story as the Chanticleers reach for new heights of success.

For even more coverage, follow along with “The Roost,” our Coastal Carolina blog.

▪ Prep sports? Ian Guerin is everywhere, having covered sports in Myrtle Beach since 2005 and in South Carolina since 2004.

From Friday-night football to basketball thrillers to big baseball match-ups, Ian has you covered. His weekly recap will be the go-to print mecca for high school football action along the Grand Strand. He’ll also provide in-depth preview information for local match-ups, and a weekly feature on a behind-the-scenes character from prep programs around the area.

▪ Enjoy the outdoors? Columnist Gregg Holshouser provides an in-depth look at all the happenings along the water and the hunting scene every week. Check in print and online for his column, along with a local fishing report.

▪ Over the summer, the best example of how our reporting strategies will change can be seen in our coverage of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, led by staff writer Max McKinnon. We’ll be providing daily recaps from games in a streamlined “what you need to know” format like this; in print, focusing on the big-picture type content about the top players, season trends and advance stories.

We will also have a standing “week in review” element coming to keep you up to speed on the team’s doings, and weekend editions will see a more expansive statistical package on sports like baseball, basketball and football. Golf statistics will run early in the week, and be replaced with event scores from Friday-Monday.

▪ Also, The Sun News’ sports editor, David Wetzel, is a Socastee High School alumnus with over 10 years of experience covering local high school and college sports along the Grand Strand. He’ll be the mind behind our sports coverage decisions and the goings on behind the scenes at The Sun News, and is a frequent writer/contributor.

▪ Finally, we’ll also be introducing a weekly look at what’s coming up in sports along with several other features and standing elements still in production. Furthermore, we’re always looking to add new elements to our weekly print structure to satisfy reader interests. Have an idea? Let us know at Otherwise we’ll keep you up to date with a schedule tailored to each sports season as coverage focuses and event schedules change. Stay tuned.

The complete picture

If you keep up with The Sun News at, you may have noticed the many changes we’ve made to improve and innovate that experience, with a cleaner layout, a more streamlined mobile presentation, a focus on video and – as always – compelling journalism. We have added a set of scannable highlights, or key points, beneath the headline on most stories. Many stories also feature key quotes and other small bits of information selected by our journalists to help busy readers learn quickly what they need to know.

If you don’t already do so, follow along with The Sun News sports staff on Twitter by following @MYBsports and each writer’s personal account, as they give live updates from the field.

We’ll be posting on the go at, and updating as news breaks.

Subscribers can also view all of our print pages on your computer at, where you can currently also find all of the night’s MLB box scores.

Who we are

We’d love your feedback to make our new sports layout and coverage strategy the best it can be. Fill out this feedback form so we can track your views.

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Sports editor, assistant production desk chief


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Production desk chief


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