Carolyn Murray

Dear Reader: New adventures for old friends

Last week I wrote about my own retirement and the departure of columnist Issac Bailey. Today, I want to share news of two other names you’ll recognize who are going on to new adventures after many years serving readers with online and print excellence.

Charles Slate, who has been your eyes through hurricanes, wildfires, football games and bike weeks, is retiring after 30 years as a photojournalist here, the last few as the head of the multimedia department.

Tonya Root, who has put words to many of Charles images since joining The Sun News in 1998, is also heading off to new adventures after serving as our in-house weather/hurricane expert and crime watcher.

They of course are irreplaceable, but I have no doubt that veteran photojournalists Janet Blackmon Morgan and Jason Lee will continue to give readers and viewers visuals and videos that put them in the moment, whatever or wherever that moment might be.

Elizabeth Townsend, who has been the part-time early morning reporter who keeps you up to date on what happened while you slept will continue in that role, but as a full-time public safety reporter.

Tonya, Charles and Issac will embark on their new lives beginning Saturday morning. I will be around a bit longer to see some pending projects to completion.

Speaking of the future

I received word just Thursday that the creator of the Stone Soup comic has also decided to retire.

Jan Eliot will continue to produce a Sunday comic, but will no longer be providing a daily panel. Beginning Oct. 5, you’ll find Phoebe and her Unicorn, a new entry into the world of syndicated cartoons.

According to distributor UniversalUClick, “Phoebe is a precocious child and Marigold is an arrogant unicorn, but their paths cross in the woods one day, and nothing will ever be the same. This is a comic about childhood, friendship, magic and humor.”

It seems an appropriate substitution. After all, can’t we all use a little more magic and humor in our lives these days?

As always, thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts.

Carolyn Callison Murray:, @TSN_ccmurray