Carolyn Murray

Dear Reader: Exciting changes afoot for readers and some staffers

Depending on where you begin your news reading, you may already have seen the note that I am retiring. You can get all the details on that in the article on page 3A of the print edition, or online here.

This news may make the day for some of my frequent callers and correspondents. As for me, I am excited about whatever the future holds and deeply sorry to leave this great group of journalists.

But wait, there’s more

Longtime reporter, editor and columnist Issac Bailey is also leaving. Again, this may make some readers’ day. But the departure of his thoughtful and thought-provoking voice will leave a void in our pages and in our community.

Issac has won state and national awards for his reporting and for his columns. And like him or not, he has always accomplished his goal: To make at least some of you consider a different perspective.

Those who always tune him out because you find it simpler to ignore him and label him a racist won’t understand why the voice of The Sun News has become less vibrant, but I predict you will feel the loss — whether you like it or not.

On Sunday Sept. 20, and for the rest of that week in print, you will have a chance to read an example of Issac at his finest in a project that has been months in the making and will provide another look at The Sun News’ ongoing examination of the criminal justice system.

Issac’s last day will be Sept. 18; mine will be Oct. 9.

Retirement won’t mean stopping for either of us. Issac will be continuing work on a book project that has consumed much of his off-time, as well as using his new flexibility to help care for his mother who recently was hospitalized.

Still more

A few weeks ago, features editor Vicki Grooms departed to join the media staff for Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. Jason Rodriguez has moved into that role from his most recent incarnation at The Sun News as the reporter responsible for covering the Horry County Council.

He is now your contact for Kicks, Coasting, Food and Neighbors, and you can expect to see a lot more entertainment- and lifestyle-related news in your Facebook and Twitter feeds as he gets his arms around his new and daunting responsibilities.

Send your submissions to, or, depending on your topic. You can reach him directly at or 843-626-0301.

And even more

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see some new features in your print newspaper.

On Tuesdays, the editorial page will become Palmetto Opinion, where the content will be focused on statewide issues and challenges.

And by the end of the month, the long-awaiting additions of new puzzles (and a reorganization of the puzzle and TV grid pages) will appear. Don’t panic. We aren’t taking anything away, just moving some things around to accommodate these new puzzles: Word Game; Celebrity Cipher; and 7 Little Words.

Carolyn Callison Murray:, @TSN_ccmurray