Carolyn Murray

Dear Reader | Here’s what’s new for our news coverage

Changes in our approach to news and the way we present it begin today, which means you can see for yourself what we’ve been discussing in previous columns, ads and in speeches at area civic association meetings.

Our new website is designed to work better on your tablets and smartphones, with faster downloads and more ways to access the latest news.

Experience with such changes has shown that the most questions and reactions will come from readers of the print newspaper. So here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in print:

▪ The brief summaries atop articles are designed to give you the basics in case you don’t have the time or inclination to read more.

▪ The new Insight page on 4A provides context and background for the top news of the day.

▪ Twice a month you’ll be treated to “Carolina Characters,” a profile by Johanna D. Wilson of one of the people who give this area its delightful and quirky personality. For today’s launch, she starts by describing her own status as a bona-fide character.

▪ More pre-game featues and post-game analysis and profiles in our Sports section each day. Read more about our Sports plans on Page 1B.

▪ The new typeface is slightly larger for text in the redesign; The letters are 9.5 points (the size of the letters themselves) on 10.5 leading (the size of the white space around each letter).

▪ More emphasis on visuals and scannable information, such as the photos and story summaries down the right side of the front page.

▪ A few things have moved around. For example, the weather summary that formerly appeared in the top left corner of the paper is now at the bottom right. The complete weather page, however, has not changed and remains on the back of Sports Monday through Saturday and on the back of Local on Sunday.

Here’s something else that hasn’t changed. Readers are invited to participate in our weekday meetings to see how we do things in person. If you’re interested, contact Lisa Urban at or 843-626-0300 to set up a time to visit.

I’ll be writing more about other improvements in the works over the next few weeks. But as always, thanks for reading.

Carolyn Callison Murray:, @TSN_ccmurray

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