Carolyn Murray

Dear Reader | Readers from around Myrtle Beach area react and make suggestions for our new look

A week into our new look online and in print and, as expected, some like it, some hate it and some have offered suggestions of improvements.

As a result of the suggestions, you’ll find we’re devoting a bit more space to the shorter local or South Carolina items and revised their design and typography somewhat to make their look more consistent and easier for readers to find and scan.

Several of you have applauded the design changes, but said it’s not as easy to share with your significant other when local news is highlighted with national/international news in the A section.

Others were upset with having to go online to read more about some topics. I’d ask those readers to contact me with the specific articles they felt were too short in print. As I noted when I announced the changes, many readers scan headlines, read the first paragraph and move on. It will help to know what content readers seek in longer format so we can adjust our decision-making process on which topics to include and exclude in the shorter format presentation.

As I also noted, this is going to be a work in progress, which means we will be listening and seeking to adapt some of your suggestions. One thing we won’t be changing is moving local content out of the A section. That decision is a precursor to much broader design changes coming later this summer, and we will be doing more outreach to get your thoughts before and after those come to pass.

More (baseball) online

As readers increasingly go online for the topics that most interest them, such as Major League Baseball, we also have adjusted our coverage in print.

If you are among those who have called or emailed me over the years to complain that we didn’t have the results you sought, even from East Coast games, you’ve already heard me explain about earlier deadlines hampering our abilities to provide that information in print.

As deadlines continue to roll back, we realized that those box scores would contain two-day old information, which contradicts our goal of providing timely information. A handful of sharp-eyed readers have noticed and asked if the box scores would return.

They won’t return in print, but they are available online. In print, we are using that space to provide game results we can get, a notebook of the previous days events such as trades or injuries and more in-depth coverage before and after big games.

Join us

If you’d like to watch how we decide what will be included in the print edition and what is coming for the web, please contact my assistant, Lisa Urban, at 843-626-0300 and let her know when you want to visit. Our Monday-Friday daily gathering begins at 2 p.m. and we’d love to have you join us.

Contact CAROLYN CALLISON MURRAY, editor, at or on Twitter @TSN_ccmurray.