Bob Bestler

Get in line for Canada

In the hours after Super Tuesday, as Donald Trump took a giant leap toward the GOP presidential nomination, Google searches for “How to move to Canada” spiked more than 500 percent.

I can honestly say I was not among the searchers, though my bride and I did joke about it a bit.

Never been to Toronto, but Ontario is nice, Montreal is more cosmopolitan. We’ve visited both.

We also stayed a week in Quebec City and knew we could stay another four years, or eight, if necessary.

Heading for either Canada or France is the same joke we made four decades ago as we witnessed the Saturday Night Massacre. Was Richard Nixon about to declare martial law?

No, it turned out Richard Nixon was just being Richard Nixon.

That’s the fear so many Democrats (and some Republicans) have about Donald Trump. Will he continue being Candidate Trump if elected — banning Muslins, hating Islam, disparaging Mexicans, egging on bullies, mocking the disabled?

I suppose some Republicans want to say they are the ones who live in fear, of either the hated Hillary or that Commie Bernie. Trouble is, their choices for leaving the country are limited.

Canada is no answer for them. Its prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is more liberal than Hillary. Worse, it is welcoming 25,000 Middle East refugees and offers its citizens free health care — both, as I understand it, a turnoff to many Republicans.

Mexico is no good either, for Democrats or Republicans. Who wants to get caught in the crossfire if an angry Trump declares something other than a trade war?

Canada has certainly taken notice of American angst and appears to be getting ready — the same way Myrtle Beach prepares to welcome summertime tourists.

Cape Breton, an island off Nova Scotia, says it welcomes Democrats and Republicans and promises that on Cape Breton “women are legally able to get abortions, Muslim people can roam freely and the only ‘walls’ are holding up our extremely affordable houses.”

Get in line, y’all.

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