Bob Bestler

This old coot is going to watch the Oscars. But why?

I'll be there, along with a few zillion others, watching the Oscars on Sunday night, although I'm not sure why.

Partly, I suppose, it's because of host Jimmy Kimmel, a longtime favorite who never fails to deliver.

But Jimmy is only good for about 20 minutes.

That leaves more than two and a half hours to sit around watching the beautiful people give awards to themselves for doing their jobs.

I'm betting our newspaper delivery person does her job just as well, but no award for her, thank you.

OK, so I'm beginning to sound a bit crotchety in my old age.

It's understandable. Most movies are not made for my demographic.

I was once a vociferous reader of comic books. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Plastic-Man, Aqua-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel - I couldn't get enough.

Then I grew up.

Today I have utterly no interest in watching Marvel Action movies or any other action movies. Seeing an occasional trailer tells me all I need to know to stay away.

Fact is, I have seen just one movie this year, "The Post,'" about the Washington Post decision to publish the Pentagon Papers.

I got so excited I wrote a column about it. You'd better be glad I don't want to see "Death Wish."

"The Post" was the second movie I've seen in the past two years. The other was "Spotlight," about a Boston Globe investigation team, and if you see a pattern here, you are right. I'm partial to movies where good guys with a pen get bad guys.

Recently, I watched "All the President's Men" again. Yeah, I'm in a serious rut.

I watch the Golden Globes with a bit more interest than the Academy Awards. It gives awards to shows I see on the networks, on HBO, on Netflix, on Amazon.

This year, the Golden Globes gave its best movie award to "The Shape of Water," another one I've never seen and probably never will: A blind woman falls in love with a guy made of water. I don't want to pay the admission to learn out how that works out.

Still, it must be a great movie. It received 13 nominations, just one less than "Titanic," "La La Land" and "All About Eve." I'm sorry, kids, that last one is for my demographic, aka the Classic Movie Channel generation. And, really, was "La La Land" a great movie?

In past years, before I got old and crotchety, I would see most of the nominated movies. It was a simpler time, of course. There were only five nominees. Tomorrow night there are nine.

And there's another of my problems: I probably haven't seen nine movies in 10 years.

Actually, there are a few nominated movies I do want to see. "The Darkest Hour," "Dunkirk" and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" all sound like my kind of movies. Maybe next week, huh.

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