Bob Bestler

Election results may spur travel both north and south

Labor Day has come and gone and that means the 2016 presidential campaign has begun in earnest.

For many Americans, Republicans and Democrats, that means looking for an escape in case, you know, that other person wins in November.

Don’t believe me?

Consider a realtor’s billboard I saw the other day on I-26. It had photos of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and suggested that people preparing to sell their home and move to Canada should call him.

He didn’t mention Mexico, but I think that ought to be a consideration, too.

In fact, I've put together a list of pros and cons regarding Canada vs. Mexico. It goes something like this:

Canada pros

▪ Except for Quebec, most everyone speaks English. (Mostly, of course, they talk about the cold.)

▪ It’s a relatively short drive to Myrtle Beach for golf. (It will help you escape the cold.)

▪ You’d still have a major league baseball team playing America’s pastime. (But summer months are cold, too.)

▪ I understand some Americans like hockey. (See, there’s that cold thing again.)

▪ There’s some good fishing. (Bring your ice pick.)

▪ There’s little crime. (Criminals hate cold.)

Canada cons

▪ Did I mention it’s cold? Well, it is, eh.

Mexico pros

▪ Most resorts are clean and safe and beautiful. (And usually really hot, heat-wise.)

▪ The peso/dollar exchange is favorable. (Bring your calculator.)

▪ You can almost always find someone who speaks English. (Hand gestures help.)

▪ Tequila is cheap. (Or is that a con for some of us?)

▪ Bandidos hardly ever target Americans. (Don't travel alone.)

▪ Cartels hardly ever kill Americans. (Stay away from border towns.)

Mexico cons

▪ Your friends will never visit. (Even after you tell them cartels hardly ever kill Americans.)

I hope this little primer is helpful.

I know it’s helped me. No matter who wins, I’ll try to tough it out for four years.

Maybe we’ll revisit in 2020.

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