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Man finds hope in humanity in time of need


I’ve got to hand it to Chris Storie.

Most of the car rear-window decals I’ve seen in the south seem to be in the vein of ‘In memory of #3,’ (if you have to ask, don’t) or the bootlegged cartoon of the beloved ‘Calvin’ character peeing on a Ford logo (what did Ford ever do to anybody?), or even, ‘Y’all just got passed by a country girl!’

And listen, I’ve certainly had my own ideas for decals: ‘If you’re texting and plow into me, I’ll beat you like a rented mule,’ along with ‘Stop checking your make-up, you look fine.’

But the decal on the back of Chris’ Honda Civic?


A couple of years ago, the 28 year old family man from Asheboro, NC, wasn’t feeling well and he went to see his doctor. At first suspecting he needed a blood transfusion, the doctor then determined he was in kidney failure and immediately sent his patient to life saving dialysis that Chris now describes as, “”Three days a week, I have to go sit in a chair for five hours. And, as soon as I leave there, I’ve got to leave and go to work. It takes away more time from my kids, more time from my family. I just want to get back to normal.”

That was a pretty brilliant marketing move, if you ask me, and here’s some uplifting news: in his first year driving around with the decal which includes his phone number and email address, Chris received forty calls, one from as far away as Kansas and twenty three of his friends have taken it upon themselves to have their own cars adorned with the same decal.

“Even if 100 people see it, and only one calls, that’s one more phone call that I get, that’s one more shot I get at getting that kidney,” Storie said to WCNC.

He hasn’t yet found a match but says the fact that people, “who don’t know me from Adam,” would actually call and risk their own lives for him, is “an absolute blessing.”

I agree. And here’s hoping thousands of blessings are heading your way, Chris.

To help Chris, please call 704-223-5414 or send an email to cstorie12@yahoo.com.

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