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Her ‘job description changed’ is bogus defense of anti-gay marriage crusader Kim Davis

Kim Davis, the defiant clerk in Kentucky, returned to work today.
Kim Davis, the defiant clerk in Kentucky, returned to work today.

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Kim Davis returns to work today and doesn’t plan to block same-sex marriage licenses any more - the very compromise she had at her disposable before being jailed by a judge.

That’s always been the conceit of this story, because it was never about her religious rights. The law in Kentucky allowed her to simply allow others in her office to issue such licenses - and at least 5 deputies volunteered to do so - and the judge gave her that option. It would have allowed same-sex couples to be treated equally in the eyes of the law - as they should be - while honoring Davis’ personal religious beliefs. But that wasn’t enough for her. That’s why she went to jail for a few days, not because she was being religiously persecuted.

There has been another point raised by her supporters that seems to purposefully try to distort what’s happening, and that’s the claim that her “job description changed” when the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages legal. That’s hogwash.

Her job is to follow the law as a public servant; that did not change. All sorts of laws change every year in Kentucky and every other state, and at the federal level. There is nothing unusual about that. Imagine the police officer who says, “Hey, when I was hired 5 years ago, the law said we should make it a priority to jail low-level weed users, but now it says weed smoking is legal. That’s an unfair change in my job description so I’m going to keep on arresting pot users.”

Imagine the IRS official - who has to deal with dozens, if not hundreds of changes every year - making the same claim. Or think about someone in the private sector doing the same. What would happen to them? They’d be fired or laid off.

If Davis is that certain that homosexuality is an affront to her God that she wants no part of it, if she believes it is really that evil, isn’t there an obvious route for her?

Of course, 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has a different take. Here is the statement his campaign sent out this morning:

“Kim Davis is staying true to her convictions while allowing the overreaching judge in Kentucky to force her office to follow his directions to ignore the Kentucky Constitution and statutes to accommodate nothing less than the judicial tyranny of the Supreme Court. The only thing more shocking than an unelected judge ordering an elected official to jail is that most of the chattering class fail to realize that our Constitution is being shredded by ignoring the separation of powers, the equality of the branches, and the checks and balances that would prevent unelected lawyers from ruling the entire nation.”

Huckabee and others like him warn us against a supposed creeping of Sharia law in America, not to protect us from an extreme form of a religion - but to make sure there’s space to set up a theocracy here based upon their particular brand of Christianity.