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While Trump and Clinton lead in polls, more Republicans than Democrats report happy marriages

I’m neither a Republican nor Democrat - I’ve voted for more Republicans than Democrats and for George W. Bush and Barack Obama - and have been married for more than 17 years. I’m here to report that my marriage is very happy.

In the latest round of red-blue state research, Republicans report they have happier marriages than Democrats, 67 percent to 60 percent:

A few decades ago, there was a fairly widespread assumption that “family values” were more the province of conservative America than liberal America. That notion was upended in academic circles by a series of articles and studies, the most important and influential being “Red Families v. Blue Families,” a 2010 book by Naomi Cahn and June Carbone. Liberal attitudes toward gender equality, sexual orientation and education all seem to foster stronger, more stable family lives.

But Mr. Wilcox’s recent writings strike me as significant because they’re a reminder that conservatism also has values and cultural attitudes — about the importance of marriage and family life — that seem to improve the environment in which children grow up.

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The real question is what, precisely, makes for a happy marriage? Is it the amount of sex the couple is having? The number of kids (or lack thereof)? The size of bank accounts?

The number of times they go to church (or the decision to honor ‘faith’ in a different way)?

The amount of time each person spends at work versus in the house? What?

Could it simply be contingent on the couple’s outlook on life in general?

From where I sit, it’s a combination of all those things and other things that can’t be quantified.