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Couple ‘celebrates’ miscarriage to talk about the power of Jesus. But is their story real?

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Fabrice McKenzie Bailey would be 12 years old today. She died before we were ever able to hold her, even see her face.

She would have been our second child, but my wife suffered a first semester miscarriage. We have two healthy children, Kyle Joshua and Lyric Grace, whose name was our tribute to her presence putting the song back into our hearts after Fabrice’s miscarriage.

It devastated us for quite awhile. When I called in to tell my boss I’d need to take some time off, I could barely get the words out without crying. It was hard.

I know that not everyone experiences pain and anguish the same, but I get why so many people are questioning what seems like a pre-packaged story from a couple who first celebrating a surprise pregnancy in a video that went viral, then announcing a miscarriage, then proclaiming that miscarriage has brought great things, such as 10 million Youtube views and 100 new subscribers.

It feels out of place, but the couple says it is an example of God turning something awful into something good, which is a major Biblical principle.

I hope the story is true and I hope the couple has a message that resonates with young people looking for a positive view of life. If that’s what happens, that would be great. But if we find out they manufactured the story so many feel in love with, I’m hoping that doesn’t distract from the truth, that sometimes beautiful things can be seeded in despair, and that sometimes we need to share them.