A Different World

Some see joyous progress in gay marriage ruling, others frightful change. Let’s not forget to honor each other.

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This must be a scary, head-scratching time for a lot of people this week, particularly many in South Carolina.

We are still processing the kind of ugly, racist terrorism many had long argued ended in the 1950s and ‘60s - a kind of terrorism that so far has sparked an outpouring of love and self reflection, and possible tangible action.

We are talking about pulling down the Confederate flag from public property in South Carolina and throughout the South, as well as from stores and online merchants.

Now we have seen a conservative Supreme Court uphold a signature piece of legislation from liberals and make a historic statement by extending the right to marriage to gays and lesbians for the first time.

This all comes in the context of a nation with its first black president, a nation on a clear march to a day in which the U.S. will be majority minority within the next few decades.

While it is a heady time for someone like me, who sees progress - wonderful, glorious progress - in such things, it understandably must be disconcerting for millions of Americans who are terrified, not out of hate, but because the changes are so enormous, sweeping and seemingly coming at a rapid fire pace.

That’s why presidential candidates and others are issuing hyperbolic statements and others are simply trying to quietly process what’s going on.

We should not forget about them during weeks like this while celebrating things we prayed for but didn’t believe we’d be alive to see happen.

Let there be humility in our joy.