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Oh, boy: Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina really is running for president

South Carolina’s senior U.S. senator, Lindsey Graham
South Carolina’s senior U.S. senator, Lindsey Graham

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Full disclosure: I voted for Lindsey Graham to serve as one of South Carolina’s U.S. senators.

Graham says he’s running, in part, because “the world is falling apart.”

And he wants more U.S. troops in the Middle East. (More war always seems to be the answer in Graham’s mind.)

For some strange reason, he didn’t remind the CBS audience that his great judgment helped lead us into the disaster that is Iraq and the feeling of “the world falling apart.”

Graham says he’s been more right than wrong on foreign policy. On what planet? Certainly not Earth.

I can admit that I made a big mistake when I voted for Graham, believing him to be the kind of statesman we need in Washington.

When will Graham admit to his mistake about Iraq?

Fortunately for the nation, Graham has little chance of securing the Republican nomination. Heck, he has an uphill battle to win the South Carolina primary. Tea Party supporters won’t be in his camp, and swing voters (like me) who once believed in him by now don’t won’t be either. Graham knows this. Maybe he’s trying to make waves to garner larger speaking fees? Or maybe he’s tired of the Sunday morning talk show circuit?

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