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Volvo chooses South Carolina for first U.S. car factory. Give Gov. Haley credit?

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Should Gov. Nikki Haley be given any credit for Volvo’s decision to choose South Carolina as the site of its first manufacturing plant on American soil?

In a word, yes.

While these kinds of deals have a ton of moving parts - and incentives are always an issue - and a lot of people have to work to secure them, the executive of a state (or the nation) often gets criticized when the economy goes bad even if they took good steps to make things better. It makes sense, then, to give them credit when things go well, and Volvo coming to South Carolina is a good thing.

For me, it’s more personal. The plant is going up in the Ridgeville area. I grew up not too far away from there, and the thing I’ve long associated with that area is one of the state’s prisons. I’m glad I’ll be able to have something else to associate it with and glad that maybe 4,000 people in the area will be able to secure good-paying jobs.

If Haley wants to take a bit of a victory lap after this morning’s announcement, I wouldn’t blame her.