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Cops have options that don’t require deadly force. Ask Myrtle Beach police.

A quick reminder about why claiming the police officer “had no other choice” is a mostly bogus claim, or that “if only the suspect would have complied he’d be alive today is equally suspect:

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From that piece:

From a piece I wrote in December:

Just last week, a couple of white Myrtle Beach police officers showed incredible restraint when facing an armed black man during a traffic stop, one in which the man presented a handgun, went for the officers weapon after he was disarmed, and after running away turned around, pulled something out of his pocket and threatened to shoot.

The cops didn’t empty their clips into his body. Instead, they noticed he was pointed a cell phone at them.

They arrested instead of shooting him.

Those types of events are under-reported, when police officers diffuse split-second, life-and-death situations without the loss of life.

Unarmed men have been shot while complying with the police. They’ve been shot while running away. They’ve been shot before given the chance to comply.

The question remains the same, though: How often does this occur? Until we start mandating that every such shooting is reported and investigated by independent agencies, people have a right to question what’s going on.

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There are plenty of police officers who find ways every day to subdue suspects - even the most dangerous ones - without anyone ending up in a body bag. Maybe we should start trying to learn more from those cops than defend cops who shoot unarmed men in the back.

Here’s a man in an open carry state with a real gun in broad daylight who scares passersby:

Here’s a man in an open carry state with a toy gun in a Walmart:

Let’s stop pretending that the cops who shoot and kill in such situations had no other choice.