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Blog | What will officials cite as the cause of double murder in Myrtle Beach?

I’ll be dealing with this further in a column, but I wanted to ask a question that’s been lingering since the double murder happened in a Myrtle Beach hotel this past weekend.

Read more about that here.

Who or what will city officials cite as its cause?

Maybe the weather, which seemed to have turned spring-like?

Maybe daylights savings time?

Maybe Coastal Carolina University because two of its students have been charged in the case?

Maybe what feels like an earlier start to the tourism season than usual, with heavier traffic and crowds more evident?

Or maybe - just maybe - they’ll cite as the cause of the double murder the people responsible for the killings and no one and nothing else?

And if they do, why has it been so hard for them to do the same thing concerning a triple homicide that occurred during Memorial Day weekend in 2014?