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Blog | I’m more Tea Party than Donald Trump. Why was he chosen to headline the group’s Myrtle Beach convention?

Donald Trump is coming to Myrtle Beach later this week and weekend and will be one of the headliners at the 4th annual Myrtle Beach Tea Party Convention.

Am I the only one who thinks something wrong with this picture?

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Trump’s is the personification of everything the Tea Party says it stands against.

Why was he invited?

Which part of Trump’s history screams tea party?

Some background:

Trump eventually found himself in serious financial trouble. In 1990, due to excessive leveraging, The Trump Organization revealed that it was $5 billion in debt ($8.8 billion by some estimates), with $1 billion personally guaranteed by Trump himself. The survival of the company was made possible only by a bailout pact agreed upon in August of that same year by some 70 banks, allowing Trump to defer on nearly $1 billion in debt, as well as to take out second and third mortgages on almost all of his properties. If it were not for the collective effort of all banks and parties involved in that 1990 deal, Trump’s business would have gone bankrupt and failed.

In 1995 Trump took Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. public and received a substantial financial boost from society and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations that enable the market to function. He initially sold 10 million shares at $14 per share and then in 1996 sold 13.25 million shares at $32.50 a share. This initial public offering granted Trump’s company a stability and legitimacy that would have been impossible without millions of people around the world trusting his organization and investing with the hope of shared success.

Despite the clear societal and governmental assistance described above, Trump continues to be outspoken in his criticism of government. In his bookThe America We Deserve, Trump explains that “the greatest threat to the American Dream is the idea that dreamers need close government scrutiny and control. Job one for us is to make sure the public sector does a limited job, and no more.” This quote proves to be particularly ironic when considering Trump’s feelings about eminent domain laws. He was quoted as saying, “I happen to agree with it 100 percent” when speaking of the 2005 Supreme Court decision on Kolo v. New London, which affirmed the government’s ability to transfer land from one private owner to another for the purpose of economic development in the area. In fact, Trump attempted to take advantage of eminent domain laws on multiple occasions, once even demanding that an elderly widow give up her home so that he could build a limousine parking lot.

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I get why everyone else on the list was invited, including Ted Cruz who is insured by a Wall Street health care policy that receives more in government subsidies than the typical poor family receives from Medicaid. He is a top politician and likely serious presidential candidate in 2016.

But Trump? Why?

Any guesses?

Heck, I’m more Tea Party than Trump is. Why wasn’t I invited?