Letters to the Editor

The disabled harmed by new Myrtle Beach wheelchair policy

I've been in this area for five years, as I've attended Coastal Carolina University. I am also in a wheelchair.

In response to the cancellation of the beach wheelchair service, I have to say that I am very upset. In my opinion, this is blatant discrimination.

Taxes on tourists in Myrtle Beach and on the beaches are high enough that they should not have a problem tending to the upkeep of these chairs. Beach wheelchairs should be a public service. Why should I have to pay $45 to $60 (or more) a day to access a beach that others can walk for free? I should not be charged for being disabled. It should not be a luxury for one group to access a beach while another group can access it free of charge (plus the new parking charges, of course).

That is quite literally the definition of discrimination.

It is very disappointing when a community refuses to make accessibility a priority for all of its citizens.

Dani Lepley, Conway