Letters to the Editor

Leigh Powers Boan right choice for Georgetown probate

Leigh Powers Boan right choice for Georgetown

After working hand in hand with Leigh Powers Boan for the last 12 years, I have witnessed firsthand, not only her knowledge of the law, but her ability to use that knowledge to help her clients. Leigh is patient, caring, honest and there is no one better suited to oversee the sensitive and emotional issues inherent in Probate Court. She is committed to prompt, business-like administration of the court, with a personal touch of compassion.

Leigh is well qualified to become probate judge. She has many years of experience with legal issues that a judge would encounter. And as a native of Georgetown County, she has a very good grasp of issues affecting its citizens.

Leigh has laid out a very thoughtful plan for the Probate Court, one that focuses on community outreach to help citizens realize the court resources that are available to help them. I like that.

Please join me in voting for Leigh on June 14 in the Republican Primary.

Kathy Roberts, Murrells Inlet