Letters to the Editor

Leave the Confederate flag alone, help ‘the blacks’ instead

Leave Confederate flag alone and help “the blacks”

Re: “Removal of Citadel Confederate flag,” by Jim Clyburn: Rep.Clyburn complained about the Confederate flag flying at The Citadel but gave no mention of the black female cadets at West Point giving the clenched fist salute. I guess this is OK for a institution that teaches discipline, respect and leadership?

These cadets are future leaders in our military; apparently they didn't learn much. Has President Barack Obama, Rep. Clyburn, the Rev. Al Sharpton done anything for the blacks? No.

I have never heard them speak about education, stopping crime and helping blacks to a better life. Sharpton only comes out when there is a protest but makes money for his National Action Network - but they seem to come out for issues like the flag.

Gus Barbetta, Longs