Letters to the Editor

I can’t wait until President Trump saves America from Obama

I read with amusement your recent article where President Barack Obama, on one of his latest apology tours, said that world leaders are “rattled” by the prospect of a President Trump. He also said Donald Trump doesn't have the experience or knowledge to be president.

This is ironic coming from a man who just presided over one of the worst failed presidencies in the history of our nation. Also, a man whose only experience prior was as a do-nothing junior senator and a community organizer.

I'm sure the world is a little rattled by the prospect of a President Trump - because they know that America will stop apologizing and stop putting the wants and desires of other countries before the needs and safety of Americans. They also know that America will no longer be bullied and humiliated like it has been the last eight years.

January 2017 can't come soon enough.

Joe Macellaro, Murrells Inlet