Letters to the Editor

Voter feels personal connection with Goldfinch

There is nothing special about my position in life. I am a regular old retired man on Social Security trying to figure out the Medicare maze and how to navigate today's social media network to keep up with which old friend was the last to kick the bucket.

I don’t donate large sums to any political candidates and I don’t expect any special favors from any elected officials. But let me tell you what I have that makes me feel special: I have my state Representative’s personal cell phone number, and he answers my calls.

Several years back, I met Stephen Goldfinch and was able to spend time discussing the political plight of our state and our country. Stephen explained how he wanted to do his part, and more, to help our country regain its domestic footing and its once prominent standing in the world and how making S.C. strong would help to accomplish this.

Stephen began this endeavor here in House District 108 two terms ago and has made us all proud. South Carolina is a better place because of representatives like Stephen.

Today Stephen is running for S.C. Senate District 34 to replace retiring Sen. Ray Cleary, who has done a great job for our area and our state, and who has endorsed Stephen to replace him.

Rep. Goldfinch has never failed to return my phone calls or text messages. He attends community meetings throughout the district and has been a great help with the completion of a number of local projects. I have no doubt that a Sen. Stephen Goldfinch will do the same.

Now, if you want to feel as special as I do, get out and meet Stephen at one of his many upcoming community events. I'm sure he'll give you his cell phone number too.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.