Letters to the Editor

Knives come out to slash Rankin

The long knives of the political PAC ads are out to slay state Sen. Luke Rankin. The ads on cable TV are smoking the senator with a cabal of false and misleading advertising spoofs, which to me are a bunch of gobbledygook double-talk spin.

The hidden power brokers’ money demons are out to defeat Rankin. The mastermind gurus of deceit have, I was told, over $100,000 of PAC money ads, to use in a frenzied smear blitz, besmirching the voting record and character of Senator Rankin.

The long knives’ messengers of trash say absolutely nothing. These political hit brokers smack Rankin, while praising his opponent's promises, pledges and other follies, all falling short of putting forth anything of concrete value. The spiel-spinning is nothing of consequence; raving over Rankin's opponent’s record of a business conservative, his ability to cut taxes and spending and other follies of far-fetched promises; “where's the Beef?”

Republican primary voters, on Tuesday, June 14, is the day to vote for Senate seat 33; the question is, why are the political bosses pushing to replace Senator Rankin? To me, and many other supporters of the senator, there are no reasons, other than Rankin cannot be controlled by the few insider deal-makers.

Rankin is a savvy legislator who knows the rules and protocol of the senate; a strong advocate of cutting expenditures; has a good constituent service policy; succeeded in receiving more state budget dollars going into the coffers of Horry County; promoted and obtained the funds in widening a large swath of U.S. 501 and Carolina Forest Boulevard; paving and repairing state roads within the district; legislating a sound policy of HOA rules and regulations that were long overdue; keeping the school year calendar open to a later date; together with Sen. Greg Hembree, proposed legislation to punish animal abusers such as puppy mills, cat torture and abuse; overriding the governor's veto to aid farmers due to the 1,000-year floods; pushing for an effective ethic bill; etc.

These are just a few of the legislative priorities Senator Rankin proposed and had a hand in pushing through the Senate. And lastly, Rankin has been a Republican card holder, engaging in more Republican Party activities with his time, efforts and funds, than his opponent who is a Johnny-come-lately to the Republican Party, who offered and volunteered very little service and work on behalf of Republicans.

I know Senator Rankin to be a devoted Christian, member of his church's choir (a suave lyric tenor), a wonderful husband and father, an idealist of life, liberty, justice, and the creed of an Independent Horry, not beholden to any bosses but the people. Vote for Luke Rankin.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.