Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that county allows litter to pile up

The litter in Horry County is way out of control. I heard what sounded like a lawn mower on Myrtle Ridge Drive. For people who do not know where Myrtle Ridge Drive is, its the racetrack between U.S. 501 and S.C. 544, where half of the road has a speed limit of 25 mph and half has a 40 mph speed, but generally the cars do 60 to 70 mph.

I looked out and there was a tractor that usually cuts farm acreage of 50-75 acres with a bush hog on the back. Twice the size needed for the area to be cut, that tractor cut everything in sight, bottles, cans, papers, bags of garbage. They even cut all the surveyor stakes and flags marking where electrical or water lines are to be placed or moved for a new building going up for the health care and boarding of animals.

What was 100 pieces of litter is now 700 pieces of litter. I called Horry County Public Works to ask why would someone just run over all the litter and why wouldn't the litter control come out and pick it up before they cut? My answer was, they don't do secondary roads, only major highways. Of course! So this wonderful State of South Carolina looks good to our tourists.

Little do these tourists know you don't go out to your automobile or walk on the beach after dark or you may not make it back to your hotel room. As for the litter problem? Horry County does not have the money to take care of Myrtle Ridge Drive. Well, Myrtle Ridge Drive has as much traffic as U.S. 501 and S.C. 544 but our tourists do not see this road.

Get the proper equipment to do the job and it would take far less money for gas and far less money for employees that are too lazy to get off the tractor and pick up a piece of litter. These people that work for the state are getting far more money than they deserve. Let’s just hope that Donald Trump is our next president and he gets in office and cleans house with all these people who have had these gravy jobs for too long and are using taxpayers’ money for all this nonsense that we are not even aware of.

Get your men out of J. Reuben Long Detention Center and put them to work.

Diane McPherson, Conway