Letters to the Editor

Writer will vote for Boan for probate court

Vote for Boan for probate court

I am looking forward to voting for Leigh Powers Boan, with pleasure, on June 14. I have known Leigh for years, and count her among the finest people I have met. It is my great privilege to call her friend. You can always count on Leigh to be there in support of family, friends and the community. Her loyalty is deep and unquestionable, her humility inspiring.

Leigh often says, “I want to be of service to the community. It is important to me.” She means it and shows it by participating. Leigh Powers Boan is a natural fit for probate judge. She is intelligent, kind, fair and patient. Her responses come only after measured consideration. Leigh is a woman of deep faith, wisdom, courage and conviction. Her discretion and lack of prejudice make her perfectly suited to wear the judge’s robe.

While I was placing a Leigh Powers Boan for probate judge sign on my front lawn, a couple walking their dogs approached me. The gentleman said, “I was Leigh Powers’ biology teacher at Georgetown High. She is one of the best people I ever met. You tell her she has my vote!” I hope she has your vote too. She most certainly has mine.

Catherine Kremzner, Pawleys Island