Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that cutting out meat is healthier

Re Edward Smrdel letter Saturday, sympathizing with Max Bertrand for not eating meat:

You can be sure that Mr. Bertrand had his share of steaks and hot dogs (but we won't discuss what is in them) in his past. I applaud Mr. Bertrand for making such a wise and compassionate life change.

The majority of us who became vegan are former meat, dairy, and egg consumers but we have done vast research and now know better. My husband is your age, Mr.Smrdel, and his health has vastly improved since cutting out most animal products from his diet.

He suffered four heart attacks before his stroke. He ate meat every day then, too. Unfortunately, those who have died from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, or cancer cannot write a letter to the newspaper. And Mr. Bertrand is accurate about the havoc that the meat and dairy industries wreak on our environment.

Times have changed, and over 95 percent of your meat comes from factory farms. We all can live happy, healthy lives without harming any animals.

Piper Belanger, North Myrtle Beach