Letters to the Editor

Sites that help you look for the truth before posting

Here’s an interesting societal fact: nobody ever thinks that they are the dumb one! Well, unless they have a horrible inferiority complex, in which case all bets are off.

Almost everybody sees the world from inside their head, and unless you are that sad character with a huge inferiority complex, you think you are just swell, and that your reasoning capacity is greater than anyone else, particularly those you disagree with.

Feeling that way allows people to compose and print on Facebook some very interesting statements like “Obama is the anti-Christ,” “Hillary should be shot for treason,” and “Trump is Hitler” and the list goes on and on. They make these statements with the fervency of one who has actually checked the facts, though it is pretty clear they haven’t.

In truth the only way to not be the “dumb one” is to use the resources readily available on the internet or in the library. Stop being compelled by your fears to believe some very ridiculous claims. Before liking or agreeing with a statement or meme, it is wise to search other sources, particularly ones that are non-partisan like PolitiFact, FactCheck and Snopes.

Stay away from right-wing or left-wing sites. They have no reason to seek the truth. They have an agenda. On the other hand, all of the sources listed above are really fair and balanced and not afraid to call BS on anyone, liberal or conservative. They are truth seekers, as you should be.

My basic thesis says you have already concluded that I am the dumb one. I think our country would be better off, if you could prove me wrong.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.