Letters to the Editor

Speaker overstepped in endorsing Goldfinch

Re essay May 4 from House Speaker Jay Lucas endorsing Rep. Stephen Goldfinch for state Senate:

I find it interesting this letter is so laudable toward Goldfinch, it makes me wonder why the Speaker supports Goldfinch’s election to the Senate? Lucas is a Republican, yes; he is the Speaker of the House, yes; he praises Goldfinch with such ardor as one of “the greatest advocates for roads in South Carolina.” No, Mr. Speaker, it is both Senators Ray Cleary and Luke Rankin who are the proponents of fixing the roads.

In my opinion, Lucas should encourage Goldfinch to stay put in the House, as he adores him so much. What motives does the House Speaker have in the election of a Republican Senator Goldfinch, presently a member of the House, when three other Republican candidates are running for the same seat?

Why would Lucas be interfering in a Republican primary election? The blazing hutspur/arrogance of the Speaker’s action by interfering in this primary election is appalling, especially when he concludes his letter with this lame comment: “the most qualified candidate (Goldfinch) to serve District 34 in the S.C. Senate.” This is nonsense coming from Lucas, who I am sure doesn’t know the other candidates.

The S. C. Republican Party should censure Lucas, irrespective of his prestigious party affiliation, for his gross interference in the Republican primary election. And, as a voter in Senate District 34, my wife and I know the best choice for the Senate is Reese Boyd. He is an excellent communicator, intelligent, for term limits, pledges not to vote for tax increases, keeps promises, will be a supporter and instigator of the Southern Evacuation plan, will host constituent quarterly meetings, legislate against too many regulations, and codify archaic laws

Reese will be our voice in Columbia. Lastly I would suggest Speaker Lucas may want to read up on Reese Boyd’s credentials before being so superfluous in his support of Goldfinch.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.