Letters to the Editor

Trump opponents are the angry ones

Re May 9 Lead Letter of the Week by Terry Munson:

Terry Munson, in true elitist half-truth fashion, starts by labeling those who support Donald Trump as “too angry to address real solutions.” Then he continues his rant against those supporting Donald with additional labels including thugs, misogynists, racists and infantile name-calling spitball throwers. It would seem that Mr. Munson’s dislike for verbally assailing opponents only applies when it’s used by others but it’s fair game for him.

Nowhere in his harangue does Mr. Munson provide a single solution to the problems facing our nation, that is, not until he repeats in censorious tone those that Trump has pledged; build the border wall to keep out illegal immigrants and drugs, rebuild the military to meet our security needs, create good jobs to help the middle class and under or unemployed workers, fix the VA to provide proper care for our veterans and negotiate deals that favor our economic and security needs.

Why do we need a wall at the border? The New York Times reported that a study showed 4.5 million illegal immigrants drive on a regular basis, many without licenses and insurance. It is estimated that 13 Americans are killed each day by drunk driving illegal immigrants, that’s 4,745 a year.

Also, J.C. Gates (Yahoo.com writer) identified a statistically significant correlation between per capita illegal immigration and car thefts. A report about 188,382 illegal immigrants deported in 2011 shows that 23 percent (433,000) committed criminal traffic offenses, another 23 percent were convicted of drug offenses, 12 percent had committed violent crimes of assault, robbery, sexual assault and family offenses and 7 percent committed non-violent crimes of larceny, fraud and burglary.

These numbers represent only a small part of the problem and do not include the impact of drug gangs like the Los Azteca and MS-13 (Mara Salvtrucha) who cross the border at will.

Volumes could be written about all the other needs identified and pledged to be addressed by Donald. However, the first step in solving any problem is identifying that it exists. Donald is way ahead in that process. I’m quite sure that none of what has been written here will satisfy Mr. Munson and his ilk, they are, it seems “too angry to address real problems and their solutions.”

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.