Letters to the Editor

Writer wants cars ticketed that pass stopped school buses

Ticket cars that pass buses

Vehicles passing stopped school buses are a major problem in and around Myrtle Beach. State law allows citations to be written based on a camera's documentation of the infraction. Why does Horry County continue to condone such dangerous behavior from these drivers?

The Highway Patrol and local police can hang from trees, bridges or camouflage themselves on our roads to catch someone going over the speed limit a few miles per hour. However, they seem to have a problem writing a citation for a far more egregious act. Twenty-five school districts, less than a third of state districts, reported 388 illegally passing vehicles in one day during their coordinated observation.

There should be outrage this risky behavior is being tolerated. Will it take a child being run over before Horry County reacts? I pray that is not the case.

Bryson Preston, Little River