Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that parking should be given to all owners

I was dumbfounded by the proposed parking fee for beach access. I own a non-rental vacation home in Myrtle Beach. My wife and I are handicapped and use beach parking access. I object to only full-time residents of Myrtle Beach being granted parking decals. I pay higher taxes than full-time residents, yet put less stress on city services.

You are either a Myrtle Beach homeowner or not. The proposal is clearly discriminatory in this regard and would appear to be a lawsuit waiting to happen. All homeowners should be provided decals.

Revenue gained by this action will, in my opinion, be offset by the loss of vacationer good will and use of Myrtle Beach restaurants, shopping, etc. We are pretty upset by this proposed action and will make a point to go to North Myrtle Beach when we eat out or shop. One wonders if the commercial interests of the city have weighed in on this action.

I strongly encourage the City Council to make this right.

Clay Jones, Aiken