Letters to the Editor

Bike rally keeps motoring

Our bike rally is older than most of the retired people in the town. It has been going on for 75 years.

I wrote a letter to the editor seven years ago and said you may try, but you will never eliminate bike week. I was right, wasn't I?

Although, between the city of Murtle Beach and the Horry County Council they wrote ordinances that put me out of buisness.

This is to all the retired people that come to live with us in this town. We are a tourist town, not a retirement community. Quit trying to change our way of living. If you want things to be like they they were up north go back up there. I am so thankful to see all the biker establishments having a good year. The people that work in these places work hard. It puts a lot of food on the table for a lot of families .

Tommy Minor, Murrells Inlet