Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that animal shelter is declining

Re letter regarding St. Frances Animal Center:

Saint Frances, nice letter! Now, give us some answers. The facility is dirty. The animals are filthy and undernourished. You have had one fundraiser in a year. Your staff is no longer friendly or knowledgeable. What happened to the great newsletters?

What was once such a clean, happy, community-oriented organization has been replaced with a less than mediocre version of former years. I witnessed this shelter come from a run-down, overrun animal shelter into a caring, clean and prosperous facility. There was a certain love that was felt when you entered the facility. This is no longer the case.

It seems the direction of the shelter is drifting back to its prior bad habits. In my opinion, as a long-time supporter, you might consider putting down the pen and letter writing and picking up a broom. You need to clean house. Better yet, publish the numbers to support your claims. You have lost many supporters, including my wife and me. It's such a sad thing to witness this organization fail again.

Mike Hunt, Pawleys Island