Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that parking rules are unfair to owners

I live in Raleigh, N.C. but have a vacation home and do not rent it, on 77th Ave North. I want to go on record that I am strongly against the proposed parking changes. My family and guests use the accesses on Ocean Boulevard and I understand I will not be able to if the changes pass.

This is really not fair in that only residents with decals can use these. I also use a golf cart and there was no mention of how they will be handled. It sure has been nice to park at the Ocean Boulevard accesses with a golf cart.

Charging $4 an hour or $20 a day at the beach accesses along Ocean Boulevard north of 32nd Ave North is crazy. So many middle-class families who do not live in Myrtle Beach are hammered every day with little chips to their income. This change would prohibit many of these families from enjoying the beach at Myrtle Beach. They will go other places.

I also have never thought it fair that I pay a lot more property taxes than Myrtle Beach residents but I get no resident parking benefits. This is not fair. I bet vacation home owners spend a lot more than local residents do in that we go out to eat a lot more, as do our guests. We also go to the local attractions a lot more.

If this parking change is made, I and my family will be eating only in North Myrtle Beach and do our shopping in NMB. It’s just right down the road.

Richard Holmes, Raleigh, N.C.