Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that Goldfinch is best for Senate

Goldfinch best for Senate

People ask me daily why is Mercom Corporation, an information technology company, headquartered in Pawleys Island, S.C. instead of Charleston, Research Triangle, N.C., Washington D.C., Silicon Valley, Calif. or anywhere else where technology firms are booming?

My answer is simple, change is constant and as a serial entrepreneur, I love and thrive off change. Leading change is fun, risky, exhilarating and incredibly rewarding. Pawleys Island provides an amazing quality of life, low cost of living, great community, educational choices, and technology is accessible globally with the appropriate bandwidth. Why not the beach?

Mercom is committed to Georgetown County, South Carolina and we are up for the challenge of an ever-changing technical and demographic environment.

What is changing in Georgetown? Visionary representatives like Stephen Goldfinch are laying the groundwork for stronger school systems that produce graduates who are prepared for our future workforce. Stephen has created a task force for a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) magnet program here in Georgetown County which I am honored to serve on with him. Strong K-12 education with choices to nurture our children is critical to the viability and strength of our local economy.

Boeing, Volvo, SafeRack, Mercom, Google, and countless other firms have committed to building and growing in South Carolina so the demographics are demanding and driving educational expectations of our K-12 systems along the entire Lowcountry.

It is a very exciting time to be a citizen of South Carolina in general, but specifically Georgetown County, where dynamic, open-minded leaders that are solution-oriented are required to act on our behalf in the state Legislature. Stephen is one of those leaders and has my full endorsement and support in his campaign for Senate District 34.

Education is the leading economic indicator for business development and a strong local economy with a diverse tax base. Please join me in supporting Stephen Goldfinch for State Senate District 34 in the June 14 primary election.

Stella Mercado, Pawleys Island