Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that Goldfinch is not the best senator for District 34

A recent letter encouraged folks to vote for Stephen Goldfinch in the upcoming Republican primary. Since there is no Democratic opposition, the primary will determine who will replace Ray Cleary as the state senator for District 34.

Mr. Goldfinch is my state representative and Ray Cleary is my senator. There are ample reasons not to support Mr. Goldfinch. Personally, I'm bothered that while Ray always answers my emails, I'm still waiting for responses from Mr. Goldfinch. My Momma taught me that it is polite to answer your mail.

Be that as it may, the major reason not to vote for Mr. Goldfinch is his strong support for oil drilling off the South Carolina coast. When voters go to the polls, I hope they will remember the most recent oil spill in the Gulf. The spill, apparently caused by a leaking pipeline, dumped 90,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean.

Jim Watkins, Pawleys Island