Letters to the Editor

Writer believes that candidate “Stu Pid” just doesn’t get it

I have a friend named Stuart Pidd. We call him “Stu Pid” for short. He wants to run for the MB city council as he feels that he would be a perfect fit. He thinks that running the Harley bikers out of Myrtle Beach, (who actually paid their bills, spent millions of dollars, didn’t trash the city, and didn’t kill us or each other) was a brilliant idea.

He is equally supportive of the outrageous parking fees on Ocean Boulevard imposed on tourists and non-city residents. He believes they too should be run out of town because a public beach shouldn’t be available to the public for free.

Unfortunately Stu Pid doesn’t understand that these people spend a lot of money in MB, especially we non-city residents who support the businesses in the off season when the tourists are gone. We and they will take our dollars elsewhere. Besides, why pay $20 a day to park for the privilege of swimming in an ocean beach dotted with DHEC warning signs about dirty and polluted waters?

Robert Pisani, Myrtle Beach