Letters to the Editor

Can’t support Trump or those who do

By Bobby Chandler

Not only can I not support Donald Trump for president, but I cannot support anyone who holds or seeks an office of public trust who supports him publicly for president. While I respect and love all who disagree and take issue with this strong course of action, many dear friends included, I cannot trust the judgment of anyone in the governmental realm who places his trust in this man.

Our nation is in dire need of leadership which is founded on unchanging principles and values, reflected in the Constitution of the United States. Of course, no one is perfect, but flawed men and women can still aspire to lead us toward the goals and dreams enunciated in our Declaration of Independence, the foundational document upon which the Constitution rests. Donald Trump is not one who can do so.

Donald Trump is not a man of principle. He is a shifting tide, a flamboyant, boisterous phenomenon who sets himself up as the answer to all of our nation’s ills. Trump has continually demonstrated poor character, temperament, judgment, and a dismal shallowness on the issues. He is without a doubt a demagogue and leads a cult of personality. His chameleon nature never lets one rest in knowing that he stands on principle.

Oh, he can spout a position strongly and with much vigor and passion, in an attempt to appear as a tough guy, and even be right about a number of issues, but his whimsical flairs are often completely contradicted shortly thereafter. A person such as this cannot be trusted as one of wisdom. As such, I cannot trust the judgment of anyone, especially those in or aspiring to public office, who can put their trust in this man for any office of public trust, much less the presidency of the United States.

Those who place party above what is right have lost my confidence. Those who toss principles and values aside and elevate loyalty above truth have lost my strong respect. Those who would put any man or woman above the advancement of ideological foundations have lost my trust. Whoever will do so will not get my vote or public support of any kind, even those for whom I have shown public support in the past, without exception.

No, this is not a childish act, of one who did not get his way, as was suggested by one of my Facebook friends. No, this is not a vote for Hillary Clinton, as asserted by countless others, even though she will clearly be the beneficiary of many who either sit this election out or vote for someone else. No, this is the act of one who cannot bring himself to support a person who will be a significant danger to this nation, just as much, if not more than, Hillary Clinton.

While I cannot support anyone for office who embraces Democratic ideology, my beliefs being closely aligned with recent Republican party platforms, and knowing that historically third parties only serve to divide votes and give elections to those I cannot support, I find myself in a position of having to stand for truth, as I see it, even at the expense of seeing one become president whom I cannot support.

I choose to live and act on the principles and values for which many have sacrificed and devoted their lives. Only a person who embraces these in public office will gain my trust and support. Therefore, I now withdraw all public support for any public servant, local, state, and national, who supports Donald Trump for president of the United States.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach and is a retired history teacher at Socastee High School.