Letters to the Editor

Writer thanks good Samaritans

On May 29, two gentlemen came to my garage sale in Laurel Woods and as they were leaving, they came back in and told me my tire was soft. He then proceeded to check further and noticed a nail in it and looking at all the tires noticed they were dry rotted and bald.

They then made numerous phone calls to find the cheapest price for 4 tires. The cheapest place was the farthest away and when I said I didn't want to drive that far, they said they would follow me to make sure I made it OK. I then said I would take it to a place closer, which I did.

I didn't get their names, for which I am sorry. One was a Realtor and they drove a black car and I am hoping they will see this and this way I can tell them how much I appreciated all the time they took out of their day to help me. May God bless them!

Betty Zabadal, Myrtle Beach