Letters to the Editor

Get on train with Trump

To all Republicans not yet on the Trump Train now that he's the probable nominee: Do you seriously think Hillary is an option? She only speaks truthfully when it benefits her, she completely fumbled the Benghazi attack, she has accepted millions of dollars from Wall Street, the e-mail fiasco...And the list seems endless!

Under the Obama administration our national debt has reached a point where it's doubtful we'll be able to repay our creditors in full. The military is so underfunded, routine patrols are being skipped because there's no fuel, tires, replacement parts etc. for equipment.

Do I agree with everything Trump says? Of course not. He often speaks and then thinks, which is opposite what a politician is trained to do. But you know what I like best about him? He's not a politician. He speaks from the heart. He's a businessman used to solving problems, same as our forefathers. Unite for the sake of our party and our country.

Here are Donald Trump's most memorable moments from his 2016 campaign in South Carolina.

Gary Freeman, North Myrtle Beach