Letters to the Editor

Haters don’t speak for all in county

As a librarian and well-educated woman, I sympathize with people from all backgrounds and therefore have more liberal views on social issues. I am also an Horry County resident.

As I watched the Horry County School board meeting and heard the particularly vocal man asking Melanie Moore if she was from Horry County repeatedly, I was infuriated. That man does not speak for all Horry County citizens. His inference was that no one from Horry County would defend transgender individuals. He is mistaken.

I was born and raised in North Myrtle Beach. Yet all my life I felt different because I genuinely celebrated diversity! I love reading books with diverse perspectives (gay and straight); I love meeting people from various backgrounds; I love celebrations and parades of different groups as long as they are being inclusive.

So to those who protested at the meeting, you do not speak for all Horry County citizens. And to those Horry County children who feel a bit different, you are not alone and you are certainly not “a mistake.”

Meredith Keeter, Myrtle Beach