Letters to the Editor

Writer against transgender bathroom use

Re Thursday’s editorial about boycotting businesses that support transgender rights:

It essentially says that your children and my children and grandchildren have been sold to the highest dollar. I call it Uncle Benjamin.

The editorial is probably right about who invests in LGBT interested parties. But the greater issue may be that the politicians and special interests and others who support them and lever their vote on LGBT are apparently prepared to sell your children's best interests to the highest bidder in the LGBT fight.

I would guess that every pedophile, every rapist, every sexual deviant hoping to dress as a LGBT identifier to enter a woman's restroom was thrilled with the editorial, as well as the Horry County Education Board's position on the matter.

There is nothing quite like the NBA and others like them threatening every state government or local government organization debating the issue to take their money somewhere else and leave you/us financially crippled. Maybe so. But I'm not willing to risk the safety of my daughter, my wife, my granddaughter, or any female member of friends and families I know and love to Uncle Benjamin. Maybe the school board members are. I don't actually know. But I'm not. Take your money and go.

It reminds me slightly of the article a week or so ago about the legislative debate concerning women’s rights. A female legislator threatened to make Viagra availability subject to the same rules women apparently face to get abortions at Planned Parenthood, or something like that. I read that and said, “Sure. I'll do as she asked. But then I want Viagra free, the same as women are able to get contraceptives free as a health issue. Guess what Uncle Benjamin will say to her in that debate. I would guess they might say the same thing I have to say to LGBT use of women’s restrooms. No.

Morris Young, Myrtle Beach