Letters to the Editor

Transgender law raises fears of molesters

It seems like it's never ending: the crazy, confused, scary liberal rhetoric that spews out of people nowadays. Where do your thoughts come from? I have not heard of anyone saying that transgender people would be attacking anyone in bathrooms. What I have heard is parents and others expressing their fears that other perverted, non transgender criminals would use this law as an invitation to stalk and possibly harm their victims.

Just how would you feel, or if you are a parent, how would you react if your son or daughter was in a public bathroom and a person of the opposite sex came in, not knowing if they were a transgender or a sexual stalker? It will happen. Someone will get hurt by this law.

The transgender population is 0.03 of the total population. We should be able to come up with a reasonable solution for this issue other than possibly endangering the other 99.97.

Kevin Lunn, Murrells Inlet