Letters to the Editor

We need term limits and recall rights

Our country seems to have lost its way from the ”land of opportunity” that it used to be known for and our founding principles made possible. Thomas Jefferson’s words included “pursuit of happiness” as one of our key objectives in line with a government intended to maximize individual opportunity.

I believe the happiness referred to was the opportunity for an individual to make the most of his life for his own satisfaction both economically and otherwise. The founders recognized that this required an individual’s right to life and liberty.

They recognized that government was necessary, among other things, to restrict individuals from “walking over” the same rights of others in seeking their own happiness. And they very much recognized that government must be restricted so it would not overreach.

They set up a constitution to serve as a contract for enforcement of the restriction of government power. In doing so, they did an outstanding job in setting up a balance of power among the branches of the government so that its major features not only set up the “land of opportunity,” but proved superior to previous governments and deserve continued preservation.

Centuries of experience have shown that it still requires further constraints on government, chief among them being restrictions on the length that individual government officials, including judges and electors, can remain in office. We have found that otherwise, officials look more towards continuing in office than seeking the advantages of the people and the country they have been selected to serve. Any establishment must be restricted in its power and ability to remain in power, because those in positions of power are not angels.

Because those in power are extremely unlikely to impose those constraints on themselves, we need to exercise the constitutional power that the people have to impose a “convention of states” to work out a detailed agreement as to term limits and recall provisions for all national officials including judges. Those delegates to the convention of states must be limited to consider only these desired ends so that they cannot rewrite other provisions in the constitution. If the people at large agree that other changes should be considered, they should be taken up bits at a time in future conventions of states.

Scientists are not infallible and not angels but the scientific method overall has proven to be the most effective of any other that man has tried. The scientific method ultimately accepts only results that have no known exceptions. Any theory [belief] that fails to match results is discarded or the theory is altered. Any method is only as successful as its reports are truthful.

There seems to be no known case that a socialistic government has ever worked. Margaret Thatcher gave the reason that at some point “you run out of other people’s money.”

Giving everyone as much equal opportunity as possible extends to providing equal opportunity in education, for one. How much such things can be done within the limited resources available requires extensive consideration; however, careful evaluation of resources and methods might find ways to better provide more equality in educational or other opportunities. and some degree of taxation, agreeable to those governed, to help.

Somehow, we seem to need regulations or laws to try to ensure that reports by individuals and governments are truthful to the best knowledge and standards of verification possible while not impinging freedom of speech as to speculation.

This is especially true in political discourse. As it is, we have candidates who are clearly lying or deceiving without incurring any penalty or even removal from consideration for seeking public office. One current presidential candidate would likely be incarcerated if what she is known to have done were done by anyone else. Another charlatan has personally knowingly instigated and spread false information about an opposing candidate and his family to their severe personal detriment and massive disinformation to voters.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.