Letters to the Editor

Trump drew people too angry to address real solutions

Donald Trump is not a harbinger of hope. In any number of ways he is pettiness personified. He is a creation of people too enraged to remember that solutions require detailed knowledge and compromise and understanding. But to some, a Trump win is sure to prove comforting.

As president, the Donald will offer solace to those who have longed for someone to assure them that they are OK. For example, thugs who smash people in the face for daring to express an opposing opinion will appreciate his clenched-fist endorsement of their tactics. But even thugs occasionally ponder whether they are doing the right thing. When a billionaire bully encourages their barbaric behavior, they are certain to extend their hostility to a wider audience. Welcome to election 2016.

Racists, as Scalia’s Supreme Court pointed out by gutting laws to protect minorities, have few articulate spokesmen. They long for reassurance that their views are still acceptable. The Donald’s outsized dog whistle signals his sycophants when it is appropriate to express their racist views. And when he grunts, “Sic ‘em!”, they honor their ancestors by speaking and acting in ways that would make their granddaddies proud. Is that what is meant by “Southern comfort?”

Women, who control the bulk of America’s money and the majority of its advanced degrees, who birth our children and often head our families, who help fight our wars, who run the world’s banking systems, serve in the president’s cabinet, and who occupy one hundred seats in Congress, have personally felt the wrath of Donald.

Using epithets that make fun of women’s bodily functions was not in vogue until The Clueless Donald retaliated for a woman asking him questions he couldn’t handle. Now misogynists have gained respectability with his emergence as an arbiter of taste. Despite appearances, he must not be feeble minded, they reason, else how could he be so rich? And they take comfort in his inane rants on subjects far beyond real estate, his only area of proven expertise.

It’s worth mentioning that the man child also uses personal attacks (e.g., “Obama is a Kenyan”; “Lying Ted”; “They’re rapists”; “fat, ugly face”) like the spitballs of a 3rd grader. As Jack Kennedy pointed out, “Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” Now that infantile name calling has a full-throated sponsor, character assassination is sure to expand into churches, businesses, and other inappropriate venues. Advice? Do your best to stifle your gag reflex.

Finally – out of concern for reader sensitivities, not a dearth of material – the megalomaniacs of the world cry out to Trump for comfort. He will build the greatest wall, rebuild the greatest military, create the greatest number of jobs, make the VA mighty, keep out the most immigrants, eliminate ISIS, play nice with Putin, make America great again, negotiate amazing deals, and create an unbelievable number of jobs.

He will do all this with no experience in domestic or international issues, no knowledge of the complexities of governing, and no understanding that win-win beats I-win-you-lose as a negotiating tactic. Here’s an idea for those who like his ideas: Let’s hand him the nuclear codes.

Despite the omnipotence Trump proclaims, I am not comforted. And something tells me I’m not alone.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.